Wine is another Bargain in Miami

There are many reasons why Brazilian love Miami, but on in special is becoming more and more popular among them, good wine.  And this fact has not become unnoticed by the Florida wine… Continue reading

A Night of Food and Wine Pairing

On September 21st I was hired to do my first wine selection for a birthday party dinner. What to choose first, how many people and what is the budget all came in my… Continue reading

Students Toast to Friends of Wine

On September 10, Friends of Wine hosted its first meeting of the semester at Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. For those who are not yet familiar, Friends of Wine (FOW) is… Continue reading

Bordeaux Wine Tasting & Seminar

The Best of Bordeaux Wines This past Friday, Prof. William Hebrank from The Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management hosted two Bordeaux seminars and tastings at the Southern Wine and Spirits Beverage… Continue reading

My weekly wine column at “The Beacon”

Now I am officially a wine columnist! CHEERS! I will have my own column at “The Beacon” as well at “”! My first article was about the Georgian Wine Tasting, which I have… Continue reading

The Uncompromising

The right glass for the right wine? Is there such a thing? It has been proven that the shape and the size of the glass can in fact affect the taste of it.… Continue reading

Georgian Wine Tasting

Republic of Georgia First time I have tasted a Georgian Wine was in my first wine class, “History of Wine” taken on Fall 2012 at Chaplin School of Hospitality with prof. Bill Hebrank.… Continue reading

Tasting Tool

Hello wine lovers! Have bought myself a new tasting tool and wanted to share with you all. Meet my new wine journal:   Went to a tasting at a friend’s house last week… Continue reading


First time I encountered “Scarlett” was during the American Fine Wine Competition, held at my current school, Florida International University, Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. I was one of the “Wine… Continue reading

The Start

Taste at first sight is a blog for wine lovers and people curious about wine, either being the business, the history or any other part of this unique beverage. After almost a year… Continue reading